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Finding the Best Garage Door for Your Mediterranean-Inspired House

Mediterranean homes typically have a one-story design, with shallow roofs that slope and create a wide overhang. This type of architecture mimics houses found in Italy, Spain, and France, and is very common in warmer coastal-states and regions that are close to the coast. Mediterranean-style houses are constructed with a stucco exterior and tile roofing, and have verandas and large windows throughout. When shopping for the best garage door, it’s important to consider the architectural design of your home.

For a Mediterranean-inspired house, here’s what you need to consider:

The Right Features

Options come in many forms when choosing a garage door, but you only need to pick the one that matches your home, suits your needs, and can withstand your region’s weather conditions.

If your house is located in the coastal region, we recommend a lower R-value rating. R-value is the measure of a door’s insulation value and its resistance to warm and cool air flow. Additionally, high R-value garage doors are also more structurally sound than lower R-value garage doors which will give you more durability with your door. Typically, Mediterranean-style houses are located in warm regions or places where there are less extreme temperature variances.

R-value is a measurement that indicates the insulation value of your garage door and its resistance to heat flow. A higher R-value indicates a higher level of insulation allowing you to keep heat in during the winter and keep your garage cool in the summer.

If your house is located near the coast, you need to consider a garage door that will resist alkaline in sea water. Alkaline causes materials to corrode. No matter how expensive or beautiful your garage door is, it won’t last if it can’t endure outdoor elements.

Get the Best Look for Your Home

Mediterranean-inspired homes look great with a garage door made from natural materials such as wood. When choosing a garage door, pick one that will complement the rest of the house and boost your curb appeal. A garage door that doesn’t match the architectural details and style of your home will look strange and incongruous with the rest of your house.

To complete your garage door system, choose a cutting-edge door opener that is efficient, secure, and quiet. Browse our inventory of renowned door opener brands like Genie™ and LiftMaster™.

What We Recommend

Wood Garage Doors

Featuring Wood Garage Door 7100 Series

Featuring Wood Garage Door 7100 Series

At NationServe, we have a stunning line of wood garage doors that will look perfect on your Mediterranean-inspired home.

While your new wood doors may require regular maintenance and can be more costly than other door materials, wood garage doors fit this distinctive style extremely well. They also endure well in areas with high alkaline, and the wood ages beautifully, if given proper care.

Aluminum Garage Doors

Featuring Modern Glass Garage Door 8850 with an all-aluminum construction.

Featuring Modern Glass Garage Door 8850 with an all-aluminum construction.

When creating this exotic coastal look, we also recommend aluminum garage doors. These doors are also a great choice, as they’re salt resistant, require less maintenance, and cost less compared to wood garage doors.

A full-view glass sectional door will beautifully frame your view of the outside. Aluminum doors require less maintenance than wood doors, are weather-resistant, and provide you with plenty of bang for your buck.

Get creative and customize both wood and aluminum garage doors with different hardware and window styles.

Ready for your own ingenious garage door or for skillful maintenance and repairs? We can make it happen. Contact your nearest NationServe location, get a product quote, or request a service call today.

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