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Accessibility and Visibility: Finding the Best Commercial Overhead Door

Competition is tough in any industry. Your business must always go the extra mile to get ahead. At NationServe, we can help you stand out with our selection of the best commercial garage doors on the market.

When choosing an overhead door, take the following factors into consideration:

  • Choose the right material and function for your industry.
  • Consider the recommended R-Value, or insulation value, relevant for your location. We measure this value with convenient star ratings on our website.
  • Ensure you’ve selected an overhead door opener that will support your business activities.
  • Select a door type and finish that aligns with your business’ needs.

To help you choose the best commercial overhead door for your business, we’ve narrowed down your options and categorized them into two important qualities to look for in an overhead garage door—accessibility and visibility.

Accessibility: Built for Performance

These overhead doors are fast, efficient, and reliable to help increase the efficiency of your business operations. They are constructed for speed, security, and durability to best serve your business’ interest.

Service Doors: The Workhorse

Rolling Service Door Model 800

Featuring Rolling Service Door Model 800

Low-maintenance, fast, and durable, Wayne Dalton’s Service Overhead Doors are the heavy lifters of overhead doors and can stand the test of time. Service doors open up quickly — two times faster than your standard sectional door and up to three times faster than roll-up doors. Service doors are available in standard and custom sizes with many colors and materials to choose from.

Service doors have R-Value ratings that range from R0 to R9, which means they are suited for cities with mild changes in weather conditions.

Fire Doors: Safety Never Looked This Good

Firestar® Rolling Fire Door Model 700C

Featuring Firestar® Rolling Fire Door Model 700C

Fire Overhead Doors are up to the task if your business requires more safety and fire protection features. These doors are practical, quiet, and reliable and are certified and labeled flame proof which is great for businesses that need this added protection.

Fire doors have a lower R-Value rating, so they’re best suited for businesses located in regions that have a stable climate if maintaining consistent air temperature is important to your business.

Sheet Doors: Versatile and Innovative

Roll-Up Sheet Door Model 780-CD

Featuring Roll-Up Sheet Door Model 780-CD

Sheet Doors are available in eight models and are customizable to fit any existing building or opening. The panel design gives you the option to incorporate roll-up and swing doors into any layout you need. Sheet overhead doors are recommended for businesses with higher storage needs and for added security.

Sheet overhead doors have a one-star R-Value rating, making them perfect for storage units or customer spaces where maintaining a consistent temperature inside a space is not a priority.

Visibility: Taking the Outside View Inside

These overhead doors are built to let the outside view in, while keeping elements like wind, water, and dust out. They are also highly durable, sized to fit your specific needs, and cost-effective.

Aluminum Glass Doors: Aesthetically Pleasing

Full View Aluminum Door Model 452

Featuring Full View Aluminum Door Model 452

Aluminum Glass Doors are fantastic for commercial businesses like service stations, car washes, auto dealerships, and restaurants. Glass doors let the light and view in while protecting your space from unwanted elements. These full-view sectional doors are also easy to maintain, and their low R-Value rating is great for businesses that don’t require highly insulated doors.

Insulated Steel Doors: Thermally Efficient

Thermomark™ 530 Sectional Steel Door

Featuring Thermomark™ 530 Sectional Steel Door

The name says it all, Insulated Steel Doors are very reliable, thermally efficient doors that protect against strong winds and rain water. They can be sized to fit any configuration, and they boast an extensive selection of panel styles, gauges, track styles, and hardware.

With a high R-Value rating of R10 and up, insulated steel doors will keep the inside of your establishment cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Non-Insulated Steel Doors: Exceptional Value

Sectional Steel Door Model C-24

Featuring Sectional Steel Door Model C-24

If you’re looking for a commercial or industrial overhead door that is economical, secured, and customizable, a Non-Insulated Steel Door is your best choice. You can choose from a variety of colors, sizes, and configurations to safeguard your business from unwanted elements. With an R-Value of R7 to R9, these doors are suitable in areas that don’t require extensive temperature control.

We Can Help You Choose

You know your business better than anyone else. At NationServe, we’ll work together with you to determine which overhead door is the best solution for your needs. If you have questions about our door selection, find your nearest NationServe location.

Ready for your own ingenious garage or overhead door? Looking for skillful maintenance and repairs? We can make it happen. Contact your nearest NationServe location to get a product quote or request a service call today.

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