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American Furniture Warehouse

Delivering a Warehouse-Sized Installation

NationServe upgrades an iconic furniture retailer’s distribution centre.

American Furniture Warehouse is a large-scale furniture retailer with over 12 locations in the United States. The company’s warehouse in Gilbert, Arizona has an impressive scale of over 600,000 square feet comprising a 180 square foot showroom with the remaining space holding furniture stock and requiring semi-trailer truck accessibility.

The American Furniture Warehouse Arizona distribution location ships furniture all over the western half of the United States and required overhead doors that could handle both its warehouse size and operational needs.

The Door
Accessibility Meets Functionality

Working closely with DL Withers Construction, NationServe secured an open project bid to install 76 full vertical lift sectional Wayne Dalton Model 2411 doors on the exterior of the warehouse. The majority of the doors installed were 8′-2″ x 10′-1″ and 12’-2” x 14’-1” sizes used to complement the project’s existing designs.

Each door came in standard primer white from the factory, which allowed the owner to paint them to their preference. The majority of doors were manual push up so that employees could open the sectionals when trucks arrived. The doors were also equipped with an anti-drop device so they wouldn’t come crashing down in the event of a broken cable.

“From the warehouse installation to regular maintenance and same day door services, our team stayed on top of everything. Another 100% satisfied customer.”
David Mattson, General Manager at NationServe of Tempe


Delivering Results
NationServe installed all 76 doors in 15 working days, completing the large scale project on time and in conjunction with other warehouse construction. Because of American Furniture Warehouse’s scale and need for seamless operation, NationServe was also able to set up a service package for all the doors as well.

Each door has regular and scheduled maintenance based on its level of operation to keep American Furniture Warehouse distribution and retail business running smoothly.

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