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Alternatives to Wood Garage Doors

Wooden garage doors are truly beautiful and add both class and elegance to your home. Wooden doors have timeless appeal and the broad range of wood species, staining options, and design finishes make them as flexible as they are beautiful. Whether your current doors are outdated or damaged, you can instantly enhance the curb appeal and the aesthetics of your home with new wooden garage doors from NationServe.

Wood Wayne Dalton Garage Doors

You can expect unmatched craftsmanship with NationServe wooden garage doors but they do require some maintenance and upkeep. To maintain your wooden doors’ natural beauty, it’s essential to regularly clean and inspect your doors—particularly if you live in a hot climate. Warm weather or dramatic weather changes can cause damage to wooden doors. Common things to look out for include paint peeling and in some instances, warping of the wood itself.

If you are looking for an alternative to natural wood, NationServe sells and installs a variety of garage doors in Charlotte, Cincinnati, Albuquerque, Houston and other cities around the United States. Keep reading to learn about the varieties of garage doors that are available and the advantages of each.


Vinyl garage doors are widely considered to be “kid-proof.” Vinyl doors are incredibly resilient and impervious to all sorts of damage to which traditional wooden doors can be susceptible. Vinyl doors are practically impossible to dent and effortlessly wipe clean with just a damp cloth. Many homeowners’ garages do double duty, housing not only vehicles but kids bikes, sports equipment or even mini-workshops. With all this traffic, the possibility of accidental bumps and scrapes increases, as can damage to doors. While construction is similar to other composite materials, vinyl doors tend to be significantly more durable and more resistant to dirt (which means you won’t have to hose it down nearly as much as other materials). If you have a family or live in a warm dusty climate, like Houston or Albuquerque, opting for a vinyl garage door could be a better choice than a traditional wooden door.


Why not opt for a much tougher and more durable option for your garage door? Steel can be a great choice and a variety of designs are possible. You can even double or triple up on the layers you use, depending on how durable you’d like to make your door. You’ll spend less time and effort on maintenance and have a door that will truly stand the test of time. Steel garage doors also offer far greater security than other types of doors and with the right maintenance, can last a lifetime. What’s more, steel doors are attractive too. While the primary function of steel doors is to provide durability, there is a massive variety of beautiful designs to choose from. When you choose a steel door from NationServe, you don’t have to sacrifice your home’s aesthetics for a door that’s built to last, but not appealing to behold.

Steel Wayne Dalton Garage Door


Fiberglass is a fantastic alternative to wood. Rugged and attractive, fiberglass doors have all the benefits of wood—without the worries that come with it. Fiberglass is easy to clean and paint and doesn’t require weather treatments. Not only this, but fiberglass is also impervious to termites and other pests that can be a problem for traditional wooden doors. At NationServe, we offer fiberglass doors that give your home a rustic look by providing a design that closely resembles a natural wood finish. Only upon close inspection could a person tell that your doors are actually fiberglass. Our doors are built with energy efficiency, durability and security in mind, so you won’t have to worry about the structural integrity of your new purchase. While wood does look fantastic, our series of fiberglass doors are built with the latest technology to keep your house looking great while providing the benefits of proper insulation and ventilation. Our doors are completely customizable, so you won’t have to compromise when it comes to making sure your next garage door is perfect in every way.

fibreglass Wayne Dalton Garage Door

If you’re in the market for garage doors in Houston, Cincinnati, Charlotte, Albuquerque and other select cities in the United States, call the experts at NationServe. Our helpful and friendly team can to give you a clear understanding of the options on offer and help you to choose the doors that are perfect for your home. Visit us here for more information regarding our products and services.

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