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5 Install Requirements You Need to Know

You’ve perused different garage door styles, looked at endless diagrams and pictures, debated colors, and finally settled on the perfect garage door for your home. You’ve set the install date, now what should you do? If you’re getting a garage door installed, there are a few installation requirements you need to know.

1. Make sure the workspace is safe, clean, and free from debris and items obstructing the work area

We are well aware that garages are often used as a place to store extra items, including tools and equipment. Please make sure these items are out of the way, and the garage is tidy. Clean the floor of debris and make sure the space is safe for our installers. This includes a solid, clean floor for us to place our ladders.

2. Complete framing prior to installation

A frame must be in place in the garage door opening in order for us to install your door. If you need more information on the frame specifications, check out this document or contact us.

3. Workspace requirements


a. The width of the door plus between 8” to 18” minimum is required on each side of the door.

The garage door opening and the space on either side must be clear. There should be nothing but frame, wall, ceiling, and floor on either side of the door opening.

b. The door height plus an extra four feet (4’) back from the door opening

We need space from the door opening to about the center of the garage to install your garage door and opener. Door heights can vary, but residential doors are typically 7’ or 8’ high. This means it’s best for us to have at least 11’ of space cleared from the door opening.

4. Make sure we have access to electrical power

a. Direct power for the electrical door opener.

Extension cords can be a safety hazard, so we need a direct connection to a power source.


The operator must have its own plug-in.

b. If direct power is not available, opener controls and limits should be set, and the opener must be left unplugged.

It’s important to note that operating the door prior to us testing the electrical opener may negate your warranty. We ask that you leave the opener unplugged until we return to finish the installation when direct power is available.

5. Access to the garage for installation should be pre-arranged if no one can be home on the installation date.

Have you ever forgotten your house keys? Then you know how frustrating it is to arrive home and find out you can’t get in. We can’t install your garage door unless you meet us there or provide access to the garage.

What’s most important to us is that we have a safe space to work to ensure a smooth installation of your new garage door and opener and the safety of our people.

Learn more about how to take care of your new garage door here.



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