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Rock band equipment in a suburban garage.

4 Inspiring Ideas for Converting Your Garage into a Unique Space

With a standard two-car garage measuring over 500 square feet, there’s plenty of room to create a new space for work or play. Here are four ideas to get you inspired.

Cozy Suite

Create an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life by transforming your unused garage into a serene and inviting living space. With just a few aesthetic upgrades, such as new flooring, a fresh coat of paint and comfortable furnishings, you’ll give yourself the perfect place to sit, sip, and relax.

Ensure your space stays a comfortable temperature by installing heating and purchasing an insulated garage door. A garage door with an R-value of 14 to 16 is ideal.


Whether you’re a crafter, a woodworker, or a painter, you know that hobbyists need the perfect space to get their creative juices flowing. Stay organized with plenty of storage and ensure there’s ample natural light by installing a few windows in your garage. For hobbies where chemicals or dust can get kicked up into the air, consider an air ventilation system or ceiling exhaust fan to be sure you’re working in a well-ventilated space.



Home Gym

After a long day, motivation to head out your front door and go to the gym may be lacking. By converting your unused garage into a gym that’s just steps from your home, you’ll always be ready for a workout. Concrete garage floors can be harsh on your joints so consider installing a softer, epoxy flooring that’ll help to absorb high impact workouts. For added comfort, bring in a few fans and mount a TV or stereo system.

Garage Conversion Gym


If you have a green thumb and a garage that’s exposed to direct sunlight throughout the majority of the day, turning it into a greenhouse will give you the perfect place to plant year-round. Once you determine the south side of your garage, install floor to ceiling windows or a glass-panelled garage door to flood the space with sunlight. Outfitting your garage with running water and electricity will make caring for your plants even easier.

If you’re working on a garage conversion, contact the experts at NationServe for help selecting the best garage door for your new space.

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